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Hi8 Tape
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It's Time To Transfer Those Tapes

The Process

Your video tapes are cared for by our trained archiving experts, who will treat your materials with the utmost care. Your items never leave our store or get shipped away, and we return all original media to you once the process is complete.
Every tape is rewound and then captured start to finish to ensure we recover all content. If a tape stops prior to expected recording times, we capture it a second time for verification.

Once your tape is captured, a trained technician will review the footage for negative space and commercial content - which gets removed from the final output. We evaluate each tape for the best possible quality and then return the digital files in the output of your choosing. We can provide you digital files on a USB flash drive, a digital download or a DVD disc.

If your tapes are labeled, we'll keep the content in chronological order. Have special notes? We'll do our best to include them.
These are precious memories, so if you have a special request or questions - please ask us!

The Pricing

Pricing is per-tape based on the amount of usable content we return to you. You never pay for dead space!

$17 for tapes with less than 15 minutes of usable content
$27 for tapes with content of 15 minutes to 2 hours
$35 for tapes with content exceding 2 hours
$35 for BETA or PAL tapes, regardless of length

USB flash drives are priced based on the size needed, up to 256gb
Digital downloads are $1.00 per GB transferred, minimum $5.00
DVDs are $12 for 2 hours of content per disc

$25 for repair of damaged or dirty cartridges (in addition to capture cost)