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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to my original photos, tapes, and memorabilia after digitizing?

    Your originals will always be returned to you. However, it may not be necessary to continue storing the originals in their physical state. If you have multiple safe and proven backups of the newly digitized files – you can likely get rid of original media taking up space in your home.

  • My files are digitized on a USB drive. Is that the best place to store the files permanently?

    No. Any device we provide should not be considered permanent storage. Immediately copy your digital files to multiple secure locations. One example of this is on a shared cloud account, on a trusted computer, and with a family member. Label the thumb drive/DVD with the year or subject matter before storing it in a safe place. Keep one copy of the files off-site in case of fire or environmental catastrophe.

  • How large can a mobile image be printed?

    An uncropped mobile image from a newer model phone can typically print up to a 20×30″ size. If your image quality is questionable – we’d be happy to preview your file before printing.

  • I have SO MANY photos that need digitizing! How can I reduce the number?

    Save money by curating your collection ahead of time. Only keep the very best photos. Be quick and decisive when choosing what to eliminate. Eliminate duplicate or similar shots of the same event. Toss prints with poor lighting, blurry focus, or insignificant subject matter.

  • What is the lifespan of a videotape?

    10-25 years. That means if you have tapes from the 90’s – they’re likely already deteriorating. Over time, the magnetic particles lose charge in a phenomenon called remanence decay. This causes discoloration to the footage, blacked-out scenes, and eventually, complete loss of picture.

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